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Who we are:

One enthusiastic team includes both the former IBM/EDS staff and unknown while excellent IT practiser,who are all enjoying providing respectable you with the qualified deliverables.

What we are doing for:

Simple/useful information deliverables, create efficient value for all invovled parties.

What we focus now:

Information security relevance.

What our culture is:

Innovative. Practical. Clinging. Humanity.

What we provide now:

1.WebProtector:Realtime automatic recovery besides WebMonitor's functions, which builds up a solid,safe and easy-management website for clients with mature and advanced technology: File Filter Driver;
Reliable 24*7 monitor and zero-delay mail and/or SMS notification when triggered by malignant webpages interpolation,which is also best TOC(Total Owning Cost) and most perfect user-experience;
Creative and effective all-in-one B/S software protection: prevent software pirated, keep sourcecode from being stolen,and forbid unauthorized access to the application-generated files/data(if there're);
Make your web-based application-CRM/OA/etc...- accessible in a safe and rapid way from remote,and the highest PPR(Pirce/performance rate)solution for non-financial/ military institutes. 
proative prevent information disclosure happening with a innovative way, which perfectly balances the easy-operation and stable,secure protection,which is a BIG problem for most similiar ones,based on higher PPR and lower TOC.
Make any software easily within your control,and therefore provide trouble-free enviroment for business/education institutions.

How you can contact us:

Besides the below mail, you can also contact us at 86-755-88865755,we are hearing you at NanGuang mansion,HuaFu Road,Futian District,Shenzhen,China.





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华东办:(0)186-5858-6527| 电邮:jacky-euse.cn | 关注咱们:

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